Skyrim artifact #5: Wabbajack

I started the “The Mind of Madness” quest by talking to a guy in Solitude. He wanted me to convince his master to return from his vacation. Apparently, his master was taking a vacation inside the Pelagius Wing, a locked part of Solitude’s Blue Palace.

The Pelagius Wing was the worse place ever for a vacation. It was full of dust and cobwebs and trashed furniture. It was a dump!

This had me wondering about what kind of person would even consider this a potential vacation place. There must be something horribly wrong with such a person.

Just as I was thinking about getting the heck out of there before my asthma kicks in, I was teleported to another dimension.

Turns out the Daedra Sheogorath was taking a vacation inside the mind of a dead emperor of Skyrim: emperor Pelagius Septim III. And now I was stuck in there, with him.

But, Sheogorath was a pretty hilarious guy. He was a combination between an insane jester and that Two-Face guy from Batman. He gave me the creeps!

In order to get out of the mind of Pelagius the Mad, I had to complete a few puzzles and riddles. And since I no longer had any equipment, Sheogorath gave me the Wabbajack: a weird looking staff to shoot things with.

After a bit of running around and shooting at every potential danger (trees, bushes, butterflies,… a goat), I finally managed to awaken the mind of the dead king.

A little disappointed that I spoiled his fun, Sheogorath eventually agreed to end his vacation and return to his followers.

And for my efforts he even let me keep his Wabbajack:

Although a pretty weak weapon, this was actually very fun to use, since it had totally unpredictable effects.

It did everything from damaging a target, to transforming it, cloning it, making it invisible and even changing its gender.

But, then again, some effects could easily backfire. Making an enemy invisible, healing it and even summoning some creatures to fight at its side (against you), were not exactly something to wish for.

So, this artifact is not exactly useful. But it’s still lots of fun to play with!


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2 Responses to “Skyrim artifact #5: Wabbajack”

  1. wut says:

    I once used the Wabbajack on an unsuspecting target. He turned into “Ghostly Remains” and a stack of coins.

    I later wabbajack’d a woman who turned into a bunny.

  2. Hah! Just started playing Skyrim recently but it’s good to know Sheogorath (and the wabbajack) makes an appearance. 😀

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