Skyrim artifact #2 – Azura’s Star

Those of you that have played the previous Elder Scrolls games probably remember what this artifact is and what it can do.

This is one of the best items in the game. It works as a re-usable Soul Gem that fits any size of souls, and never disappears from your inventory.

How to get it

The quest line for Azura’s Star will activate by talking with random NPCs who will recommend to visit the Shrine of Azura, which will now appear on your map.

Once you get there, a priestess of Azura will have you do a bit of running around and talking to people. This will eventually lead you to the underwater ruins of Ilinalta’s Deep.

Ilinalta’s Deep is full of mages with different elemental attacks, so you should probably stack up on Resist items and potions.

Also you should have a summon spell to keep the mages distracted while you get close enough to engage them in melee. Since they’re mages, they don’t really have any armor on them, so you can take them down pretty easy.

In the last chamber of the ruins, you will find the Broken Azura’s Star, which needs to be fixed in order to become functional again.

You can fix the Broken Star in 2 ways:

1. You can return it to Azura

2. You can return it to a mage from an earlier stage of the quest (the part with running around talking to people)

Regardless of your choice, you will have to enter the Star and defeat a mage and 3 very powerful Dremora warriors/spellcasters. The mage won’t be much of a challenge, but the warriors are pretty tough.

The reward

Returning the Broken Star to Azura, will purify the Star and you will receive Azura’s Star. Azura’s Star can ONLY trap monsters/animals (NO humans) ranging from Petty to Grand souls.

Animals and monsters are pretty common so you will have a constant supply of souls. You will never have to worry about the charge of your enchanted items ever again. Also, this will save a lot of inventory space/weight, since you no longer have to carry dozens of soul gems with you.

Returning the Broken Star to the mage, will corrupt the Star and you will receive the Black Star. The Black Star can ONLY trap humanoid NPCs (not monsters or animals), but every humanoid soul is basically a Grand soul.

Humans that you can kill without repercussion (bandits, mercenaries, evil humans) may not be very easy to find. And you can only hold one at a time in the Black Star. In order to recharge your weapons, you will also have to carry the regular lesser soul gems with you, for catching animals and monsters.

The moral decision

Azura is one of “the good guys”. She is known to be one of the more merciful and benevolent Lords. So, doing something to hurt her, like corrupting the Star, which is a part of her,  may not be the nicest choice ever.

Also, what happens when you lose control over the Black Star (like when you die of old age) and then generations of necromancers that aren’t quite so picky with their targets start employing it.

And what about the human souls themselves. Just how horrific is the fate of a soul bound and used in enchantment vs one simply slain?


Anyway, I already made my choice:

What about you? What did you choose?




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